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PMA Application - Natri - Gardevoir by Undead-Empress PMA Application - Natri - Gardevoir by Undead-Empress

AHHHHH. ALL HER ART IS DONE. Please disregard the messy coloring of the items, I kinda forgot about them, and they're simply anyway, so yeah. AND I ALSO CANNOT SHADE. JUST. KSADHKJDGH. I'M SO SORRY.

Anyway. This group looks super cool and =o-r-e-k-i talked me into joining. Yup. 8I Blame Jake forever.

AHHHH. I always forget to add these things, oooops. I'msosorry. 

As for the human pose, I used a reference because omg poses are lame…



Pokemon: GardevoirGardevoir sprite GIF by InfernoNick

Nickname: Natri -- It's a Hindi word that means Night. -- Her Trainer never gave her a nickname, she took this once she received the Dittech Device.
Gender: BEWBS Female c:
Birthdate: Month/ Day
Current Age: 20

She has no idea who any of these people are, as she was bred in a daycare center, and was stolen as an egg before she could hatch and meet the Trainer who had originally bred her.
Father: Gardevoir
Mother: Ralts/Gardevoir (I'm not sure on this actually, oops. I'm pree sure for her to hatch as a Ralts, her mother is a Ralts? I don't really breed too often, so lalala)
Siblings: Two Sisters, both Kirlia at this point. -- The rest are half siblings -- A brother, Banette. One sister, Duosion. And one brother, Reuniclus.

Romantic Partner: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Pokemon Stats

Current Level: 36
Nature: Quiet

    :iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic (Learns as a Kirlia, she's also just evolved)
    :iconfairytypeplz: Moonblast ((Unsure about this? It says she learns it at 'start' under Gardevoir's move list in Bublapedia, so I'm assuming that means as it knew it upon hatching, but she hatched a Ralts, so I can change this if that's what that means?))
    :iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind
    :icongrasstypeplz: Magical Leaf
Battle Stats: 
Attack:  Star! Star!  Star! No Star No Star
Defense:  Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star
Speed:  Star! Half Star No Star No Star No Star
Sp. Attack:  Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 
Sp. Defense:  Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star

Residence: She is from Ekruteak City, raised in the Goldenrod City Daycare, before she was stolen and taken to Ekruteak. Around the time she evolved into a Kirlia, the person who stole her was caught stealing another Pokemon, a Charmeleon, who faught back. This was how she received the injury to her eye. After this, the trainer fled to Kalos. And they lived in Laverre City from there.

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Pokemon Center Volunteer 
Town of Residence: Laverre City. She Volunteers at the Lumoise Center, though.

She is a petite person by any means. Standing at barely even 5' tall, Natri doesn't do much to stand out in a crowd. Which she quite enjoys this mostly, it makes her nervous to be the center of attention of a large group of people. She prefers the complete attention of just a few. Her hair, being a pale green, curls about her face, and falls down to her hips. The haircut is styled so that it is shorter and gradually gets longer from the right to her left side(Her right to left). Along her back and sides there are multiple scars and permanent bruising from the treatment of her trainer. Over her right eye, there is a burn scar, leaving her blind in this eye, she will often cover it with her hair, but when in the company of someone she trusts enough, she doesn't mind it being visible. 



Calculating | Calm | Uninterested | Smug | Arrogant | Cold | Endearing | Outspoken | Opinionated

There are two sides to Natri. The side that the people close to her see, and the side that she chooses to let the rest of the world see. To a person who has never met her, Natri is distant and rather unfeeling. A stranger will never see her smile, or really any emotion from her. It takes a great deal of effort to get any sort of emotion from her, and many find her quite boring, or even rude, before they get to know her.
Natri simply just doesn't stop and think before she speaks to people, so she has a bit of a habit of accidentally insulting others, not that she really cares if she does, though. In fact, Natri believes she is absolutely perfect, and as such, any of her opinions are also so. Not to mention, if you're human, Natri really doesn't care in the least about your feelings. She'll actually go out of her way to insult them, as Natri despises humans for the treatment that she endured with her trainer. She simply cannot believe that the human race can have any redeeming qualities after having to deal with such a person as him. And now that she has the Dittech and can mingle among them, Natri believes this even more so. Seeing just how cruel and imperfect humans are, Natri only thinks of herself even higher.

When it comes to the people she cares for, however, Natri is a very motherly and loving figure. This side of her is what ultimately lead to her volunteering at the Lumoise Pokemon Center. As she never had the benefit of ever going to one when she was injured, and so she very much understands the suffering of the pokemon that come through. She's very cold and distant to the Trainers that come through, but to their pokemon, Natri is a saint. She may not have the normal natural charm of a Chansey or an Audino, when it comes to healing, but Natri very much cares about the Pokemon that she tends to. Even if it never really shows. 

Natri is absolutely terrified at the idea of getting close to people, as this would mean they would eventually learn of the things she went through, Phoebos is the only person who actually knows everything about her, as they were stolen from the same Daycare as eggs, and hatched together. They are not siblings, as they were placed in the daycare to be bred by two separate trainers, but the same person stole them, and when he was left behind, Natri stayed behind to take him to safety. Of all the people she sees on a daily bases, he is really the only one that has her trust. And it is around him, that the people who do not know her well, get a glimpse of what she can be like when she warms up to them. She loves to tell stories, specifically to young Pokemon, and loves more than anything to make a person smile. But don't mistake this as meaning that once Natri warms up to you she's all rainbows and sunshine, quite the contrary, Natri is much more outspoken and opinionated, and accidentally insults people this way.

History: Natri was bred in the Goldenrod Daycare center by what should have been her Trainer. He had heard that this Daycare center was better than the others, and that was why she was bred there, rather than the Hoenn region, but before she could even hatch, she and a few other eggs were stolen from the Daycare Center. The Trainer that stole her, was by no means a good person, and he was a terrible Trainer. He abused the Pokemon when they did badly, and even if they did good there was still no kindness from him.
She never really knew anything different, she simply thought this was how all Trainers and humans were. She had believed the concern shown by the Trainers they battled was simply a face, as her own Trainer would feign concern about his Pokemon around cute girls to try and pick them up.
Another Ralts egg had been stolen, along with a Growlithe and an Eevee, but Natri tended to cling to the other Ralts whenever she could. The other pokemon were rather mean and only cared about themselves, an attitude developed due to their Trainer.

Just after Natri evolved, her Trainer attempted to steal more Pokemon from the Daycare, but he was caught by a Police officer this time, who sent a Charmelon after him. After a stressful battle, the Charmeleon attacked with a Fire Punch, landing on Natri's right eye. And after Natri won the battle, her Trainer fled. Her injury was never treated, and by the time it finally healed- leaving behind a terrible scar- Natri was completely blind in the eye. Her Trainer nearly left her behind, but her skill in battle quickly adapted. She was weaker on the right side, but she made it a point to keep her enemy to the left.

Just before she evolved again, which she was late in doing so as her Trainer wanted her to learn Psychic sooner, the Ralts that had been stolen with her- by this point a Gallade- was badly injured during a battle and the Trainer abandoned him. Natri ran away from the Trainer, and made sure her friend made it to a Pokemon Center.

Shortly after her friend was healed, she evolved, and came into possession of a Dittech Device, which she was all too happy to obtain, as by this point she was quite set on putting an end to all abusive Trainers.

Bullet; Green Natri is blind in her right(Our left) eye. During a fight with a Charmeleon as a Kirlia she was hit with a fire punch, which wasn't treated, and scared over, blinding her in the eye injured.
Bullet; White Her right hand is more or less useless, as it was broken, again not treated(Really none of her injuries were treated as her trainer was frightened they'd realize he'd stolen the Pokemon and he'd be arrested). The break never set properly, and causes Natri a lot of pain to use it for long periods of time. 
Bullet; Green She has multiple scars over her person, but she hides them all rather easily, as the majority of them are on her back.
Bullet; White She is quite frightened of most Fire-type Pokemon- specifically those of the Charmander line. But unless the Pokemon is mean to her on their first meeting, she can learn to not jump whenever they move.

More to be added to this as she develops through RP.


Bullet; Blue Best Friend Bullet; Blue
o-r-e-k-i -- Phoebos -- She knows him due to the fact that they were both stolen from a daycare by the same trainer. Once he was badly injured by their trainer and left behind, Natri left the trainer and made sure the Gallade was gotten to a PokeCenter to be taken care of. (( More will be added once his Application is up~ ))

User Info

Time Zone: Uhhhh. I forget the name of it. But East Coast USA. ovo/
Chat Availability: Well my work schedule changes pretty frequently, but normally, if I'm gone during the day, I tend to get here around 7pm. And if it's night, I might pop in from about 12pm-4pm and then I'll be back around 11pm-12am. I normally babble about my work schedule as it's done, so if I'm needed around, I'll be sure to let people know when I'm around. XD; I'm normally off on Sundays, but never know with fast food places~

Role-Play Example: 

[[Excerpt from an ongoing RP with a friend in another group]]

Joahri felt much better than she had in weeks. She wasn't constantly shivering, or had to stop to catch her breath while out walking, but the lioness' strength still hadn't returned to her. She still felt terribly tired, but that didn't really even bother her anymore. Johari found herself frequenting the marketplace while it was being rebuilt. She couldn't do any of the heavy-lifting like she would have been before, but the lioness was certainly willing to do anything she could to help. Restoring the place helped her feel like she was helping Liel in some way, too, being as this place was like a second home to him. Johari grinned wide when she arrived to see her Tabby Tiger was there today. She'd been told he'd been there quite alot lately, but Johari was mostly busy within the village and hadn't caught him at the right times. Johari made a bee-line for her Tiger, and skidded to a halt when she realized why he looked so different. His hair... It was all gone. And all this labor had certainly toned him out. While Johari had certainly found him to be absolutely perfect the way he'd been before, she found herself blushing and swooning inwardly all over again at this new look... Shaking her head a little, Johari continued walking, closing the distance between them. She waited until he was free of the pole he was carrying before she coiled her arms around his waste and hugged him. "I caught you~" She purred against his back, before leaning back and letting go. Her hands then curiously rubbed through his hair, it was still so soft, a little damp, but still soft, "I quite like this... what provoked the change?" She tilted her head to one side, smiling brightly to him.
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